5 Tips to save on air conditioning

Summer has arrived and the heat is becoming suffocating. The best way to be more comfortable in our home or office is to start the air conditioner to lower the temperature. But this comfort has a price and we have to follow a series of tips to avoid that the electricity bill gives us an unpleasant surprise.

Here we offer some guidelines so that refreshing us does not suppose a suffocation:

1. Choice of the device
Not all air conditioners are equal in terms of consumption and energy efficiency. Not always the most powerful device is the most suitable for our needs. When choosing, we must look at the energy label since there are air conditioners appliances that consume 60% more electricity to provide the same benefits. So when choosing the device must study factors such as: the square meters of space to be cooled, the weather of the location , the orientation , the degree of isolation , etc. If we have doubts, it is best to go to a specialist.

2. Choose the location of the device well.
S must ituar the appliance height and proper guidance to use its full capacity. In addition, if you wear thermostat must be placed away from areas of air flow or heat zones near or next to a door. And if it is a split type apparatus, the outdoor unit must also be located is a place that has no direct sunlight and having good air circulation. Otherwise, we can shorten its useful life and its performance will not be optimal.

3. Attention to temperature
Putting the air conditioner to its maximum capacity is not the best idea. First, because it consumes much more energy than necessary, and second because that does not mean that we reach the comfort temperature before. The best thing is to set a temperature, between 22 and 25 degrees , the device will work at maximum performance until reaching that indicated temperature and then it will be limited to regulate it, but without excessive consumption . It must be borne in mind that for each degree of less that we put in the thermostat, the device consumes around 8% more energy . YIt is not good that there is a difference of more than 2 ° between the temperature of the interior and that of the exterior .

4. Efficient use
If we start up the air conditioner, we must close doors and windows since the air currents will cause the cold air to mix with the warmer one, losing a good part of its function. In addition, we must keep clean the filters of the device since the dust accumulated in it lowers its performance. The most advisable thing is to clean them a couple of times during the season of greatest use , that if, following the manufacturer’s instructions. And we have to watch that the air that comes out of the device is as cold as the first day. If not, it is likely that a coolant leak has occurred. If so, you must notify the technical service so you can solve the problem.

5. Other alternatives
To avoid excessive use of air conditioning we can find alternatives to cool our home . The use of awnings and blinds prevents the sun from entering directly into our house and to brir the windows in the cooler hours helps to lower the temperature. Another alternative is to avoid using the appliances that give more heat, such as the oven or iron, during the hottest hours. We can also use fans to facilitate the movement of air, alternating with air conditioning.