How to clean an air conditioner and keep the filter well


To keep the appliance in good condition, it is essential to clean the air conditioning filter and remove the accumulated dirt. How to do it.

More than once, when the temperatures rise and we want to cool the house, we find that the appliances that have the function of cooling do not cool enough or do not go as they should. Many times it is a problem associated with the lack of hygiene of the appliance. I know how to clean an air conditioner and why and how to keep the filter in perfect condition all year round.

Knowing a couple of secrets, you can solve it without calling a specialist. It is more: most brands say how to clean the device and how often and products do it. It is important to read the instructions to adapt the general advice to the particularities of your appliance.

How to clean an air conditioner
The first thing you have to do, whatever the model and brand, is to turn off the computer and unplug it. It is key not to touch anything before leaving it without power.

Then, following the instructions in the brand manual, dismount the removable parts and wash them one by one with common detergent. Some devices have more components that we can remove and clean and others less. Look in detail at the specifications of your team. Some general advice:

Unplug the device. If you have a soft vacuum, pass it on the front and sides, cleaning the fins. Taking out the dust is the best way to start. You can help by using a soft bristle brush or a damp cloth.
Remove or open the front grille or cover and wipe it well with a damp cloth.
Remove the filter. This is the most important part of cleaning the equipment, so we will explain it separately.
Removable parts, such as the filter or the grilles, can be submerged and cleaned in the bacha with hot soapy water or a degreasing product. It is important to rinse them well and wait until they are dry before putting them back on.

How to clean air conditioning filter
The air conditioning equipment requires periodic maintenance to have a long service life, with optimum performance. One of the most important tasks in that direction is to take care of the good condition and hygiene of the air filters.

These parts are usually manufactured with nylon and other components and are the first and main protective barrier that air conditioning equipment has to keep fit. Its function is to filter and trap most of the airborne particles, improving their quality.

If the filter is clogged by dirt, the equipment will work forced, causing also the heating of the device. What’s more, it can cause the indoor unit to freeze and have drip problems in the indoor unit.

Location of the air conditioner filter and how to remove it
In most equipment it is very easy to find where the air filter is. On the split type models it is on the front of the interior equipment. You will find it by lifting the lid or the front of the device.

In general they are hooked and just move them to be able to remove them.

Clean split filters step by step
The task is very simple. It will only take you a few minutes.

Open the slipt front cover and remove the filters.
Rinse them with warm water, rubbing them with our hands or with a cloth to remove the most resistant dirt. You can use soap or mild detergent. It is not advisable to use abrasive products because the materials of which they are built can be damaged.
Do not use brushes of hard bristles because you can damage the fabric, producing holes and affecting the quality of the filtrate.
Then, let them dry and put it back on.

Change of air conditioning filter
If you notice the air filter is too dirty or damaged, it may be convenient to replace it. In general, the manufacturers offer these parts in the official service and even hardware stores. It is convenient to take the old filter of your equipment to buy the suitable spare.

Air conditioning maintenance
If we keep the air conditioner clean and its filter in good condition, it is very likely that the equipment will last for many years. A good cleaning of filters, of the heat and cold exchangers and of the internal fan avoids obstructions that end up deteriorating the correct exchange of air both in the indoor unit and in the outside. In this way, not only lowers its performance but, having a forced operation, can generate a higher power consumption.

Many wonder if there is anything else to do and the answer is no, unless you are an expert. The ducts of the domestic equipment are very rarely cleaned because they are generally well maintained.

What can happen, every so often, is that they need a gas charge. But that happens especially if they have a leak. If not, for many years they will not need anything else.

The air conditioning does not cool
If it happens that your device does not cool (or does not heat up), the most probable thing is that the equipment has one of these three problems:

Gas is missing : it may be an option, but it is not the only one. Remember that, if the installation of the device is well done and no pipes were broken, the gas should not be lost. It is not something that is spent.
Filters dirty : is one of the great reasons why the team does not cool.
Dirty indoor fan : it’s not a usual problem, but it can happen. The accumulation of dirt on the indoor unit’s fan, which is more common in cold-only units and smoking environments, can affect the operation of the unit.