Tucson Heat Pumps, Lennox Heating Cooling

A heat pump is a great heating and cooling choice for Tucson Homeowners. Being an all-in-one system for cooling and heating, its the ideal system for warmer climates. During the hot summer months a heat pump works as an air conditioner, it simply moves the heat from inside your home to the outside of the home. As the winter months come the heat pump works just the opposite taking heat from outside and moving it inside.

Lennox has the XP17 heat pump. This comes solar ready. What does this mean? This system can be enhanced to become the platform for a money-saving, efficient solar system.

Current Line Of Lennox Heat Pumps

Standard Heat Pumps
XP13, XP14, XP16, XP17, XP21, 13HPX, 14HPX

XPG15 is a dedicated dual-fuel heat pump.

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