7 tips for cleaning the home air conditioner


At this point of the year, except for specific days when the mercury goes crazy, it is usual for the temperature to begin to fall sharply and reach its minimum during the months of January and February. The arrival of autumn is synonymous with turning off the air conditioning and in doing so the advisable thing is to clean the house air appliance for better maintenance.

1. Filter cleaning
It is an indispensable task. According to experts, it is advisable to do it with a compressed air compressor but if we do not have this we can opt for the classic cloth and clean one by one all the slits.

2. Air conditioner disinfection
One of the most recurrent tips when it comes to knowing how to clean the air conditioner is to disinfect it. Note that this is a nest of accumulation of bacteria that can no longer only damage the device but cause a bad smell. To do this use a water sprayer, insert a jet of bleach inside and dust.

3. Clean the internal unit
An indispensable part of any air conditioner is the internal unit, how to clean it? Open the fan compartment and use a vacuum to clean all visible dust and debris. If your motor also has lubrication holes, you can place 5 drops of oil specially made for electric motors in those holes.

4. Interchange maintenance
The exchangers are internal sheets that we observe when removing the external filters. For a correct maintenance it is advisable to use a brush or brush to patiently remove the accumulated dirt.

5. Use of clean water
Another option when it comes to knowing how to clean the air conditioner is to open the lid of the appliance, behind the grate we find the air conditioning filters and extract them for a cold water cleaning and let them dry in the shade.

6. Split type air conditioning
We specify for this type of air conditioner, it is advisable to remove the accumulated dust and wash it with soap and water. We wait for it to dry and place it as it was. Then we must clean the compressor with a brush.

7. Window type air conditioner
We must also remove the lid and clean the filter with soap and water. Then we remove the motor frame from the outside air and remove the excess powder with a brush. A product is applied to clean the window and when it is completely put back in place.

Window type air conditioner