Air Conditioning Maintenance

We already know that, like everything in life, if something does not have a good maintenance the life time will be reduced drastically, and in the air conditioning this will not be less. To be able to do a good maintenance of air conditioning is not necessary to have anything of the other world, and you do not have to be any expert, anyone with a little skill can do it without any problem, because as we will see is something very easy to do always and when it is not an industrial team.

For this it is advisable to contact a professional since you have to have some technical knowledge to make an air conditioning repair .

To make the air conditioner cold, or heat, it is based on a hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit where different changes in the state of the refrigerant, or gas (as it is commonly said) occur.

Throughout the circuit, the refrigerant constantly changes from liquid to gaseous state, and that is what makes our air conditioner keep our room cool or warm. For these changes of states to occur and there is no alteration, it is important that the refrigerant (or gas) reaches certain temperatures and there is not much variation in them.

Perform air conditioning maintenance
Knowing this, we can deduce that for our appliance to work properly and not have too many fluctuations in its temperatures, it is extremely important to have both exchangers clean, and that is achieved with good maintenance.

But what the hell are the exchangers? you’re wondering, well, it’s those “radiators” with a very thin sheet that you see in the indoor unit when you remove the filters and that has both the indoor unit, or evaporator, as the outdoor unit, or condenser, (you can see it in the next photo).

Air-conditioning exchangers

That’s the importance of keeping the filters clean and not having them with a shitty finger, speaking clearly πŸ˜€

Filter cleaning
The cleaning of filters of the indoor unit is extremely important for the maintenance of the air conditioning but what about the outdoor unit? Well, the outdoor unit, as seen in the image above, does not have filters, but if you do not have filters, it does not mean that you do not have to maintain it.

The easiest and most effective, and that would save us a lot of work, would be to clean it with a compressed air compressor by all parts of the exchanger, if we do not have this tool you can choose to take a brush and calmly go through all the slits.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you can not use anything sharp , because if we puncture the exchanger the joke can be expensive, so do not be a donkey, because if you click it will leave the coolant and you will not have another to call to a technician, pay for the visit, repair and subsequent loading of “gas”, so be very careful .

Once the exchangers are clean the thing does not stop there, to make a good maintenance of air conditioning is not enough to clean, it would also be disinfected (although this is done by few people) since these devices can be a source rich in bacteria, and I can assure you that these are not like yogurt πŸ˜€. So if your air smells bad you already know what you have to do.

Disinfection of the evaporator
To disinfect the indoor exchanger, get a water sprayer and pour a jet of bleach inside (10% of the size of the sprayer is more than enough) and fill it with water. Now if you do not want your wife to kill you try not to stain and not stain anything πŸ˜€. Already seriously, spray all the exchanger with the secret brew we have prepared, (you can already patent it) and you’ll have your air conditioning disinfected.

Do not worry about pouring water, since just below the exchanger is the drain tray, knowing this you already know that you have to be careful with what you do with the water that comes out of the tube and that many people use for various uses.

With this fantastic remedy, along with the cleaning of filters, we avoid that the conditioned air smells bad when you start to ventilate.

It is not at all advisable to use the water that comes out of the air conditioning, for example for the iron, since it is not distilled water as everyone thinks, and may even have more crap than tap water, for the simple reason that, as we have already explained, bacteria and muck generally occur in the exchanger and in the drain pan.

This would already be a very effective air conditioning maintenance, mostly because if you call a technician what he will do will be practically that . Well, that and the same thing also tells you that you have checked the gas load and that it was missing a bit .

An air conditioner that works well and has always worked well can not miss gas for the simple reason that it is a closed and hermetic circuit , and if it is missing is because there is a leak in it, so if they tell you that already You know that one of two, or they are cheating to charge you or really have a leak, so if it is the second option you can tell the colleague to search for the leak if he wants to charge the load.

A leak in a refrigeration circuit is the worst nightmare of a technician , since you can spend your life looking for it and having to give up trying.

Maintenance of annual air conditioning
The maintenance is recommended, minimum, once a year and if it is possible to carry out each change of operation mode, that is to say; every time we change the appliance from cold to heat and vice versa. In this way we ensure proper operation every time the equipment operation season begins, basically in summer, when the heat arrives, and in winter, when the cold arrives.

Then it depends on the use we give to the device, since it is not the same as a computer that works only a few hours a day than a computer that works the whole day, like that of an office. The latter must be serviced more frequently, for example every 3 months.