Air conditioning tips and recommendations

Do you feel a little lost when choosing your air conditioner ? Have you read any term in the product descriptions that you do not know? Do you have any questions about the characteristics of the air conditioning equipment? We have developed this small guide as FAQ or FAQ to solve the most recurrent issues that often arise to our customers.

If you are browsing our website and want to clarify anything related to the products and services of air conditioning, go through here and find the answer you need.

Air conditioning cold and heat?

Most brands only manufacture air conditioners for cold and heat thanks to the Inverter system.

What is the recommended temperature in summer and what in winter?

In summer it is recommended to set a temperature of twenty-six degrees, while in winter the ideal is twenty-one degrees.

What is the average life of an air conditioner?

It depends on the use that is given and on whether the cleaning and maintenance rules are respected. In general, it can be considered that the average life of an air conditioner oscillates between eight and fifteen years.

Is it possible to install air conditioning in small rooms?

If possible. Split air conditioning equipment is the most appropriate solution in this case. You can also choose heat pump equipment, which also heat the room during the winter months.

Are there devices that cool during the summer and heat up in winter?

Yes, it is about systems with a heat pump, which work by cooling the room or heating it.

What is an Inverter system?

In traditional systems, which are not Inverter, when the device is started, the compressor starts and remains in operation until the chosen temperature is reached. At this time the compressor stops and will start when the temperature rises.
Inverter systems, on the other hand, are state-of-the-art devices that consume less energy and are more respectful with the environment. They get the compressor, instead of stopping, lower the operating regime, so that continuous starts and stops of the compressor are avoided, thus reducing consumption and maintaining the actual temperature with less variations on the requested temperature and producing less noise.

Is an individual or centralized air conditioning system better?

It depends on the characteristics of the place that we want to air condition. If the goal is to cool four or more rooms, it is worth buying a centralized system. These systems need the installation of ducts to distribute the air.

Do you have to close doors and windows when the air conditioner is working?

It is not absolutely necessary, although it is a good rule to do it, since it helps keep the cold, or the heat, in the rooms and above all reduces the energy consumption and lengthens the life of the air conditioning.

Is the refrigerant used in air conditioning equipment dangerous?

The refrigerants that are normally used in these equipment are not toxic, flammable or explosive and do not smell. In addition, the refrigerant circulates through a closed circuit if professionals have to be trusted for its installation, since the air conditioning and the respect for the environment depend to a large extent on it, since the refrigerant that can escape significantly damages the ozone layer.

What maintenance does the air conditioner need?

You have to respect some simple rules so that the device works well and does not spend more energy than necessary. First of all it is recommended to clean the filters every month with hot and soapy water. It is also important to see that the drain is not muffled.

What is the problem when it does not cool and needs to be charged with gas?

It is likely that the appliance leaks gas, which must be looked for and repaired, since it is not good for the machine that runs on gas shortages, which can damage the compressor as well as contaminating the ozone layer.

Are these devices harmful to the throat?

Air conditioning poses two risks to the health of the throat. In the first place it dries the air and the mucous membranes, in second place the cold temperature is not very good for the respiratory tract either. However, some precautions can be taken. So that the air is not so dry, it is recommended to set the air conditioning speed to the maximum, to have the room full of well watered plants that will give moisture to the environment, and to have the temperature in summer as high as possible.

Is it good that the air is directly focused on a person?

No, since it can cause a cold, sore throat and muscle aches. Ideally, the air conditioning will cool the room and not those who live in it.

When is the best time to install air conditioning?

It is a good rule to avoid the high season, which starts in July, as the demand for facilities increases. In addition, buying a device in advance, guarantees to enjoy the cold from the first days of heat. March or October are good months to install the devices, since at the beginning and end of the season you can enjoy interesting offers.