Cleaning and disinfection tips for air conditioning


With the arrival of high temperatures, many homes begin to show the air conditioning controls. The disuse of these equipment implies a lack of remarkable maintenance and dirt.

What does it mean to clean and maintain the air conditioning?
Air ducts, fans and filters, like other cooling systems, accumulate dust and particles that travel through the air. This creates obstructions and humidity in which they generate bacteria and a bad smell in the environment. Doing a semi-annual cleaning involves a series of advantages:

A cleaner air: It is the most remarkable sensation of a careful device or not.
Greater efficiency: An unobstructed device works better and uses less energy to cool the room.
Better health: A clean and disinfected filtration system prevents aggravations and allergies in our health.
Increased durability: Independent of energy efficiency, good maintenance significantly increases the life of any appliance.
How can I keep the air conditioner clean?
In important to make a maintenance 1 or 2 times a year in all the conditioned equipment that we have. Previously, it is necessary to prepare the working area, removing all the elements that can get dirty and disconnecting the appliance from the current.

In general, cleaning involves a dry cleaning , removing as much dust and lint that has accumulated, either with a brush, paper towels or a dry or slightly damp cloth.

We remove the casing and the larger elements. The filters are easily accessible and should be cleaned as well as possible. Once these steps are done, we can apply an antibacterial that, depending on the type, involves a cleaning process or another.

Clean the car air conditioner
Until recently, the only way to clean and disinfect our car was to take it to the mechanic or have to partially disassemble the car to do it on our own.

Now, we can use products such as Airpur or Airnet that eliminate and disinfect the car without complicating our lives.