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Are you considering a new residential air conditioning system? You may want to consider the Energy Star units which run more efficient than the standard models. These systems are also known to be environment friendly and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Did you know that the national average residential heating and cooling expense is nearly $1,000 a year? This is nearly half of the total energy bill. In Tucson it’s not uncommon for these expenses to be much higher. If your air conditioning system happens to be 12 years old or older, replacing it with an energy star qualified model can save you as much as $30 on the cost to cool your Tucson home.

When air conditioners earn the Energy Star, this means the unit met strict guidelines for energy efficiency which has been set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. These energy star air conditioning manufactures take the time to optimize unit performance and efficiency. With a newer energy efficient air conditioner you will feel the enhanced level of comfort while also saving more money on your monthly utility bill.

Energy Star Air Conditioning also helps protect our planet. Older models often emit more greenhouse gas while newer models reduce these emissions which help fight against climate change.

Higher Seer Rating

Newer energy efficient models also have a higher seer rating making them about 14% more efficient than standard air conditioning models.

Call us today to get free estimates on installing or replacing your older cooling system with an energy efficient, energy star rated, home air conditioning unit. Our selected Tucson home air conditioning contractors are in a great position to offer you quality service at a reasonable price.

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