How to choose an air conditioner: keys to buy well

They have become essential allies when it comes to fighting the cold and the heat. There are different models, with very different functions and prices. Keys to define what is the ideal for each environment, according to your need.

The air conditioning has become an essential ally when it comes to fighting the cold and heat in the home. In addition, it purifies the air, eliminates odors and keeps the rooms cool. But in order for the device to work to its full potential, we must know how to choose an air conditioner according to the characteristics of the place where we will locate it and the needs we have.

There are many questions that we must solve before deciding which device to buy: for example, what types of equipment exist, how many BTUs we need for each space and what level of consumption we want for the device. We tell you how to solve the frequent doubts on the subject.

What air conditioning to buy
Buying a team is an important economic decision that deserves a good search and an analysis of options to avoid frustrations and not lose money. We give you some recommendations to consider before passing the credit card and taking a device to your home.

How to choose an air conditioner
Some keys to keep in mind:

Type of equipment: there are different models and each one adapts to different needs. For example, a split or fixed model is the most recommended for those who do not have pre-installation of air conditioning ducts. However, there are situations in which we can not install a fixed equipment, either because we live in a rented property or because we can not put the device on the facade. In these cases, the solution is portable air conditioners.
Filters: these accessories improve air quality, which is essential for those who suffer allergies, asthma or want to avoid the smell of tobacco. Taking into account the quality of the filter can be very beneficial.
Power and energy efficiency: this data is very important, since it tells us how long it will take the device to reach the desired temperature. The less it takes, the less time it will run and the less energy it will consume. This depends on the frigories and the environment that we want to acclimatize.

Noise level: this is essential if we do not want to find a device that covers the conversations or does not let us sleep. Ideally, the noise level should not exceed 24 decibels.
Meet the best brands of air conditioning: although all brands must meet certain standards to go to market, there are some that are better than others for their innovation or quality.