How to clean an air conditioner


The air conditioners are resistant elements that will accompany us for a long time if we use them carefully and efficiently. For this it is essential to clean them regularly. Below we present tips and recommendations on how to clean an air conditioner.

How to clean an air conditioner
If you want to clean an air conditioner efficiently you must follow some steps to achieve optimal maintenance. First of all it will be very important to clean the filters very well. Then we recommend that you take care of and clean the cold exchangers delicately and thirdly it will be basic to clean the indoor fan also because if you do not do it, your air will yield less, consume more and decrease its useful life.

How to clean a portable air conditioner
The portable air conditioner, although more economical, tends to be much more delicate, so it will be important to keep it in optimal conditions to make it last a long time.

To do this, we recommend cleaning it at least once a year (taking into account the use we are going to give it). The best thing to clean it is to disassemble all its chassis completely to be able to access all the interior spaces and pieces of portable air conditioning. It is easy to disassemble at home if you have patience, but pay close attention to be able to mount it correctly afterwards, especially to the screws. You can clean it with different products or simply with a cloth or with wipes although the best option will be to use an air compressor with care to clean it to the maximum.

How to clean the air conditioning filter
If you want your air conditioner to work for a long time, it is essential to perform proper maintenance. For this it is very important to take care of the air filters because it is without a doubt the protective barrier of any type of air conditioning.

This type of filters have been specially designed to retain dirt, dust and microorganisms harmful to human health so having them clean will be basic to maintain the air with a good quality and improve the life of this type of devices.

To clean them you will have to disassemble your air conditioning and proceed to carefully clean each of its parts with water and a specialized product. We recommend using a compressor or similar to eliminate all the dirt in a really efficient way.

Also, if your air conditioner stinks, no matter how much you clean your filters, it’s probably not enough. In these cases we recommend carrying out an intensive filter disinfection and also cleaning the internal air system.

How to clean a split air conditioner
When cleaning a split air conditioner you should keep in mind some basic points. First of all you should know that this type of air is very easy to clean as long as you go in order. The first thing you should do is remove the air filters to be able to clean them to the maximum with warm water, soft soap and a lot of care.

Never use abrasive or other products that are not specially indicated to clean this type of air conditioners. The brushes of hard bristles are not a good alternative either because you can get to damage your air and without a doubt it is basic to let dry this device before locating the filters again.

How to clean the split air conditioning circuit
To clean the circuit of a split air conditioner, you must follow some simple steps. First of all, we recommend that you remove the motor compressor from the air conditioner. Then you will have to connect the vacuum pump to the service valves. Then at the ends where you have removed the motor compressor you will have to clean with the vacuum pump.

Then do it the other way around and use compressed air in the opposite direction to that usually sucked by the air conditioner. Do it several times until you get to leave the split air conditioning circuit as new. Maybe you have to adapt another type of tubes or pipes with a different thread to connect the pump and an idea that can also be interesting to buy some type of gas that the experts can recommend to clean circuits in order to get the best results possible.

How to clean the air conditioning duct
Finally, it will also be very important to know how to efficiently clean the air conditioning duct if we really want to leave it very clean to be able to use it and keep it in optimal conditions for a long time.

There are really few people who clean the air conditioning duct because these devices for home use are made with two sheets of aluminum but it is interesting to clean them if we can do as with industrial air conditioners.

To do this you have to review the modes that are inside because they can be made of glass or sheet metal. To clean them inside, cleaning devices or robberies must be used, although another more home-made option is to use rubber balls impregnated in cleaning products and throw them through these ducts in order to eliminate the dirt located in the air ducts.