With the arrival of summer and the heat, we start our air conditioning for another year. Do you want to know how to clean the air conditioner? Its set-up and corresponding cleaning is essential to avoid costly repairs and increase its effectiveness and most importantly, that does not affect our health.

The air conditioners need cleaning and maintenance for optimal operation. It is not a complicated task but it is a matter of patience since it takes time. Think that investing a little time in cleaning the air conditioner will make the air purer, cooler and the cooling system more efficient. In addition to all these reasons, knowing how to clean the air conditioning, is important as we avoid any type of dirt and avoid odors when turning it on.

To know how to clean the air conditioning it is important to keep in mind that you will have a large amount of dust accumulated from the months you have been standing. It is advisable to thoroughly clean the air conditioner at least once a year as this will lengthen the life of the device and most important of all, we will avoid any type of health problem.

It is very important that the air conditioning is properly installed. The filters is perhaps the most important part of the device since that is where most dust, dirt and bacteria reside. Not knowing how to clean the air conditioner can cause problems such as physical discomfort, irritation or dry eyes, nose and throat as well as other symptoms such as cough and respiratory problems.

Air conditioning review

Before knowing how to clean the air conditioning, it is important that you know some things that will be very useful for air conditioning checks.

If the energy consumption of the air conditioning is less than or equal to 70 KW, maintenance of the air filters should be done once a year. In any case, it is recommended that it be carried out at least twice a year before the arrival of winter and another before summer, apart from knowing how to clean the air conditioning and its proper maintenance.

Types of air conditioning

The most common are those of split and those of window:

– Split air conditionersThey are the most sold in the market. To know how to clean the split air conditioner it is necessary that you disconnect it from the current. This type of air contains an evaporator that is inside the device. When lifting the lid you must remove the filter carefully. First we shake off the accumulated dust and then it can be washed with a little soap and water. When everything is dry, we put it back as it was. The compressor that has in the external part must be as dust free as possible and for this we will do it with the help of a brush. Once the grid that forms the compressor is brushed, we proceed to finish cleaning it. Anyway in the market there are specific products that apply a foam will appear and what you have to do is wait until it disappears.

– To know how to clean the window air conditioner is in the same way as with split devices. Make sure that the window air conditioner is disconnected from any power source before you begin to clean it. We must remove the lid to be able to clean the filter first with soap and water. Then carefully remove the frame of the motor from the air that is outside. We remove the excess powder with a brush. We apply a product to clean the entire window and when it is completely dry we put it back in its place.

Cleaning the air conditioning filters

Remember to turn off the air conditioner before performing this task.

– To know how to clean the air conditioner first use a vacuum cleaner and then wash them with cold water. It is important to wash them with cold water since if we do it with hot water they can be deformed.

– You must be careful how to clean the air conditioner and the products you use. When you leave them dry, put them in the shade.

– Spray water with some degreaser or non-aggressive cleaning product on the battery of the copper pipes behind the filters. This cleans the bacteria through which the air passes. Leave it open for a while to dry and you can use it.

– There is a grid behind where the air is absorbed and a fan where it is expelled. These areas accumulate dust, leaves, lint … therefore its cleanliness is very important.


– Anyway if you have a split type air conditioner, you should keep in mind that you should know how to clean the air conditioning both inside and outside. If the air conditioner is not going to be used for a long period of time, it is advisable to cover it with a specific protector for its protection.

– Remember to make revisions

– Do not act on the air conditioner if it has been standing for a long time because it can be harmful.

– To know how to clean the air conditioner always remember to clean with specific products.