Avoid Carbon Monoxide Tucson

Protecting Your Family From Carbon Monoxide Is A Must

Carbon monoxide, also known as the “silent killer”, carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas – a by-product of gas combustion. The scary thing about carbon monoxide is its ability to cause sickness and even death before you become aware of its presence. James Raub of the US EPA says, over half of fatal poisonings are caused by CO (carbon monoxide)
One thing many homeowners neglect to do is keep appliances well maintained, this includes furnaces and air conditioning units. By having good ventilation and a well maintained heating system, chances are good you will have little to worry about when it comes to carbon monoxide.

Where does the Carbon Monoxide Come From?

As you may already know, background levels of CO are present in our atmosphere at all times. Sometimes this is caused naturally by fires and volcanic activity. Its also caused by smoking, car emissions and (more on topic) unvented gas space found in heaters and other appliances. Each fall the heat sections in your furnace should be checked to be sure that the heat exchanger is leak free.

A safety inspection and tune-up for your heating system is virtually free. A few adjustments can help ensure you receive a clean burn while also saving energy. Energy savings alone will be enough to make a quick tune-up well worth your time. Then you can continue through the cooler months knowing your system is SAFELY running at its full potential.

To increase energy savings and keep your family safe for a healthier tomorrow get in touch with a reputable Tucson hvac contractor today.