Furnace Repair Tucson

The Furnace Cycle:

Your gas furnace basically takes in cold air, cleans it with your air filter and then heats it up with a the gas burner by using a heat exchanger. The air is the distributed with a blower motor throughout the duct-work in your home. As the air cools back down it returns to the furnace through your return air ducts. Just like any other home appliance, sometimes your gas furnace will not work as well as you expect it too. Here are some common issues associated with the gas furnace.

Tucson Heating: Is your furnace producing no heat?

There are a few things that can cause your furnace to not produce the heat you need. Here are some possible reasons why your gas furnace may not be producing heat.

Is your thermostat set too low or is your thermostat not working? Your circuit breaker or fuse may have also tripped or blown. The pilot light may also be out. One other cause of a non working furnace is a closed natural gas or propane control valve.

What is causing my furnace to not produce enough heat?

A dirty filter is the number one cause to a furnace not working as well as it should. Another cause of low heat production are your gas burners needing to be adjusted or cleaned.

Does You Gas Furnace Go on and Off Too Much?

Once again the dirty filter can cause this to happen also. This can also be caused by a blower motor problem or a thermostat problem.

Is The Blower Always Running, Never Turning Off?

The thermostat may be set to fan continuous. This can also be caused by a faulty fan limit control switch on your furnace – if the thermostat doesn’t have no fan setting)

Is Your Gas Furnace Loud?

A squealing sound could be caused by a slipping blower belt or certain parts need oiling such as the shaft bearings. A rumble sound could be caused by a poorly adjusted pilot light. It can also be caused by dirty gas burners.

Need furnace repair Tucson?

Tucson Air Conditioning Solutions works with reputable licensed furnace contractors in Tucson Arizona. Although AZ is known for our hot summers, our short winters can get pretty cool. Since we go so long without using the furnace, it’s good to get it serviced once a year by a licensed heating contractor.

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