Tucson Weather Brings Hail and Rain 85713 Area Gets Hit

A Bad Time To Go For A Run?

Tucson saw some hail late last week when the ground became covered with marble size hail. The weather has been going through its change hinting of cooler months ahead. The picture on the right here shows my front yard being pelted with these hail nuggets while I begin realizing the flooding potential if this kept up much longer

Ever wonder how hail forms? Basically very small clumps of ice get blown through the freezing thunderclouds until enough ice has been built up to be heavy enough to make its fall to earth. Specific conditions must be met and hail survives best when thunderclouds are tall and reach high into the atmosphere.

Soon Your Heater Will Be On:

Before too long your cooler or ac unit will be switched off and it will be on to using your heater or heating unit. Its recommended you service your heater to assure you are getting the most out of your system without over spending on your energy bills. One of your heating and cooling systems biggest enemies is dirt and Tucsons one city full of the stuff (dust and dirt). A dirty system can waste fuel and lower your heating systems efficiency drastically. Its also good to keep the system lubricated and keep the belts adjusted.